Philly’s Center City Restaurant Week!

I love this time of year – Center City Restaurant Week is here!!

Center City Restaurant Week is a two-week food venture in Philadelphia. It used to be one week but popularity grew and pushed it to two weeks. There are about 100+ restaurants in downtown Philly that offers lunch and dinner courses for discounted flat rates. A three-course lunch is $20 and a three or four course dinner (minus drinks) is $35 per person.

Over the years, I would go to the “regular” places like Ruth’s Chris and Varalli. “Regular” to me is the regular food I eat – American and Italian fare. This year, I’m aiming for something different – which is the whole point of the event anyway!

Since I’m learning French and have a goal of visiting France one day soon, I’m thinking of going to one or both of these French restaurants – Bistro St. Tropez and Bistrot La Minette. I like what they have to offer and I saw great Yelp reviews for both. Plus, I can test my French skills while ordering. 😉

I did begin my Restaurant Week venture at an American Restaurant, Devon Seafood Grill. I went to lunch with friends this past Sunday. The place was very relaxed and I loved the low lighting and outside view. The service was excellent as well (Thanks Lance!). Only minor issue I had was sharing bench seats with the other guests. There is a long bench seat against the wall towards the windows and three tables share the bench. There weren’t any problems with other guests, it just seems to lack some space/privacy in that seating area. However, the bench was comfy. 🙂

Now for the food: While seated, they offered cinnamon rolls and biscuits to wear off our hunger. I got both and a cup of La Colombe coffee which was GREAT and well needed (since I had a caffeine withdrawl headache due to lack of coffee all weekend). Would you believe my headache instantly vanished?! I’m officially addicted to caffeine. *womp, womp*

I took a look at the special Restaurant Week menu and decided to try the Caesar Salad, Blackened Mahi with Sweet Potato Hash + Crawfish Butter and Mixed Berries for dessert (not pictured because I was full and took it home). Everything was fantastic – taste, texture, temperature!!


Caesar Salad - Very good start to my meal 🙂


Blackened Mahi - Yum!

Devon also had an extensive martini and wine list – and a special deal going on for bottles of wine!

If anyone live in or is traveling to Philadelphia, the Restaurant Week is January 18-23 and January 25-30. No Saturdays, unfortunately. I would suggest booking for a table in advance as it is quicker to be seated. But walk-ins are usually welcome! Come check out the restaurants and its menus here! 😄


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