Throwback Thursday – 15 Years Ago

Today is 01/15/15.

First off, who told January to hurry up and end? Already, we are in the middle of the month. What is the rush? Second, I cannot believe I’m living 15 years into the 2000s! Oh my goodness! I feel old. Lol

Remember how nervous some people were of the “Y2K” thing? Did people really think in the blink of an eye and the turn of a second, the world was going to go crazy if the tech systems didn’t turn from 1999 to 2000? Well, look how wrong people were! We’re crazy with all these tech systems now.

I would have never thought of having a tablet or a smartphone or using social media. Before Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like, we used community forums. Did blogs even exist in 2000? If so, it must have been very new too.

Think back again and remember the most popular tech item: a BlackBerry. Apple was beginning to grow with their iPod Generation 1. Playstation 2 came out in a big uproar as well and America Online was still the “big time internet” service of its day.


Oh, I remember those modem noises so well. And the ultra slow internet. The worse was waiting for someone to get off the phone in order to use it. This is even before DSL cable. You could get AOL on a CD ROM via mail and upgrade to the latest by switching up. Surprisingly enough, I know a few people who STILL use AOL to this DAY! We are in the world of FiOs, WiFi and Gmail for goodness sake: Please upgrade!

A few of the most popular TV shows were Friends, ER, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (With Regis Philbin) and Survivor – the very first series. Surely not in that order, but I’m thinking off the top of my head.

Do you have any memories of the year 2000? Comment below!


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