Enduring the Bitter Cold…In the (Digital) Library!

Oh winter, you are really showing off. There are temps in the 20s with windchills in the negatives. A few snowstorms are also hitting different parts of the country. Ideally, we can endure it all by staying indoors, reading a good book, wrapping inside a Snuggie or blanket and drinking something warm. Maybe even reflect on the past year’s summer heat?


Just earlier, I actually wanted to take a short break from my Pinterest stalking and read a book from the library. However, my blanket has taken me hostage. It doesn’t want me to be released into the cold until it’s at least above 30°F. I am cooperating with the plan. 🙂

So, what to do in this case? In the world of technology, I found a new way to borrow books from the library: electronically. From my previous post about using the library to learn a language, I researched and found that my city’s system has other awesome ways to enjoy the library on its website!


Most likely, everyone’s library system has a digital alternative so this isn’t only a “Philly thing.” Just for this post, I will highlight the benefits of the Free Library of Philadelphia. If you have a library card, here are some very useful things to do online:

• Read ebooks and magazines
• Listen to audio books
• Watch videos
Learn a new language (as mentioned in a previous post)
Learn how to code (this was impressive to me – code for free!)
Take online classes on many subjects

There are more things you can try though space won’t allow me to explain more. I’ll let you check it out 🙂 Aren’t these impressive? Who knew that little card could do so much and more for FREE?! Thanks Free Library!


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