J’apprends Français

To spare the 30 seconds of you copying and pasting to Google Translate, the title says “I’m learning French.” Really, I am learning French! That’s why I’ve been a little missing-in-action lately. I’m so excited about it because I’m really catching on to the language!

I’m presently taking a free class for it but before taking the class, I was trying to learn some on my own. I found two programs (with corresponding apps) that taught multiple languages in a game-like format. If you want to learn French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, English, or whatever language I suggest trying these:


Mango Languages
Besides the app and the website, did you know there’s a way to take full lessons for free? Yup. Just use your local library card!

The local library system here – The Free Library of Philadelphia – is huge and they are part of a program where library cardholders can sign up with Mango Languages through the freelibrary.org site. Pretty cool huh? Check out findmango.com to see if your local library system is included.

I like how Mango Languages gives out cultural references related to the language between answers. Plus, the sections have lively graphics and are categorized by what you would like to know at the moment – conversations, food, around town and more.


I LOVE this app! It’s in all app stores for free. You can learn multiple languages at one time, earn game life hearts and points. If you get enough points, you can dress up the little Duolingo owl or earn extra turns in the game. While you’re having fun, you are learning step by step common phrases and words in whatever language you choose.

I really like how it alternates between written, oral, audio and visual learning in each level. Also, after each question/answer sequence, there is a comments section for users to talk about an answer or ask grammatical questions to other experienced users. Very helpful because you’re learning in a team format, not neccesarily by yourself.

There are other free apps out there but I chose these because they are interactive, fun and full of pictures which help me, the visual learner. ☺ Currently I’m using these and the Pimsleur approach which is awesome!! So far its been almost two months and I caught on to a lot of French words and phrases.

Did you know that there are health benefits to learning a language and being bilingual? Here’s a handy infographic from Lifehack to explain:


Do you know any other free language apps or services?


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