Hibernation Mode

Remember last post I spoke about my sinuses putting me in misery every once in a while? Yup, that “while” happened for most of this week! I woke up Monday with this crazy sinus headache and pressure and despite my DIY efforts, I had to take some OTC meds. Between the sinus issues and this cold blast Philly is under, I’ve been held hostage by the heat, my comforter and Snuggie. Don’t save me – I’m not ready for the cold!


For some reason, I assumed the really bitter cold would come in December as it normally would. Just one thing: it hasn’t been a normal Fall in some years now. I remember two years ago it snowed in October, right before Halloween. Should have expected it.

I will say that fortunately the snow didn’t hit yet like in Upstate New York and other places. I have friends in Buffalo, NY and they are suffering with five feet of snow – FIVE (yes the number 5) FEET OF SNOW and meteorologists project three more FEET coming! OMG!

Readers in those snowy areas: please be safe and stay warm. Don’t go crazy and drive in that mess. I remember last winter here in Philly, the snow and ice was not fun to walk or drive in. An hour drive could turn into three hours or more – and that’s if your car can make it without spinning around or getting stuck in the snow.

In the meantime for all those stuck inside, taken hostage by comforters, or trekking from work, this is a good time to have a Netflix night, make some soup or hot chocolate (or hot toddy if you’re of age 😉 ) and just relaaaaax. 🙂


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