The Right Way to Write…Get Well

Hey lovelies!

It’s tough to see someone you care about suffering with a sickness no matter what it is. A cold, aches and pains, cancer – just a rough time for all. To keep a positive attitude, it is best to look on the bright side and spread the positivity.

The last post mentioned different scenarios in saying “congrats” to friends, family, coworkers and schoolmates. Even though this current topic is a little down, we want to keep it just as uplifting and encouraging. You know, happy thoughts lead to a positive viewpoint. 🙂


What to Say
With anyone feeling down, you want to keep positive thoughts in the forefront. Feature something they like, even something you mutually like. Of course humor is the go-to to making someone happy. Be mindful how far you’ll go though. The more laughs, the more relaxed they are. Those stress cells will melt away! Remember, empathy is key to writing a great get well note.

  • Hey there hun. Don’t let this sickness get you down! Before you know it, we’ll be shoe shopping and baking cupcakes again 🙂 Get well girly!
  • Don’t worry about anything! Your job right now is to take care of yourself. We’ll even have a fresh, clean desk waiting for you…with a full candy jar and EVERYTHING!
  • You’re not the only one suffering from this cancer. We all are. Don’t cry over what you feel you can’t do. Cry with tears of joy that you have a support system who loves you through and through! #teamWeGotThis

Do you have any suggestions for a get well card? Show us in the comments!


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