Card of the Week – Let’s Meet Over Coffee

I love coffee. I think the love affair (aka addiction) began in college. I used to go to this little coffee shop on campus called Java City. They had this AMAZING frozen cappuccino drink with whipped cream and chocolate chips. When it got colder, I opted for their caramel lattes. I went there just about everyday (rather, every day I could afford it).

Years later, I’ve turned into a slight coffee snob. I love dark roast coffees and espresso. I have to have my coffee strong, but sweet with the right amount of cream for balance.

Intense right? Yeah, I know. 😉

Needless to say, if you are a coffee lover like me, you will enjoy this Card of the Week:


Let's Meet Over Coffee Card via niecynotes

This card is good for business meetups or simple “brunch dates.” It comes with a matching envelope.


Let's Meet Over Coffee Card

For those who like tea, make it a “let’s meet over tea” card instead!

Check it out in the shop and buy one for $2.25 or buy more for a discounted rate.

Invite someone to go out for a simple meet up: for coffee, for tea, for hot chocolate, for a sandwich – whatever. Spend an hour just hanging out with a good friend or networking with an entrepreneur. Have fun!


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