The Right Way to Write…Congrats!

Hello there!

Did you know that some people have a major issue with writing personal notes? Yup. I know a few people who absolutely hates to write *gasps* and a few people who thrive with a pen and paper. It’s so easy to think well, I really don’t have time to sit and write or I can’t think of what to write!

Totally understandable. This is why I am creating a new series for those who are stuck on what to write called “The Right Way to Write…” Every other week, I will choose an occasion to help you write a special note, based on my note cards! You may or may not have trouble with this but it is always good to get a few suggestions along the way.

Anyone can type a text or Facebook inbox message – but it can be misconstrued or seemingly impersonal. Handwriting a note takes time, thought and feeling. Wouldn’t you feel special if someone gave you a kind handwritten note, especially in this age of technology? Spark your imagination with a few short words. Let’s start with writing a short “Congrats” to someone.


GOAL: To Be Awesome Card via the niecynotes shop

For Close Friends and Family

Get creative with a little personal interest. Now don’t get too personal because they will have to keep it and others may read it in the future. Say something like:

  • “Congratulations sweetie! To see you graduate [or other special occasion] and grow up to be a fine young [man or lady] has truly made me proud.”
  • “Congrats buddy! Keep up the good work and let’s show ’em who’s boss!”

For Colleagues/School Mates

If you have something small in common with the person, try to incorporate it in the note when possible. Once again, do not be too personal, harsh or sarcastic (unless they like that sort of thing). Something like:

  • “Congrats on the promotion! I knew you’d fit the bill after handling that big project. Once again, congrats.”
  • “You did a FANTASTIC job on that biology presentation. It was a rough one, but you made it through!”

So, did you get any ideas yet? What would you say? Write it in the comments below!


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