Card of the Week – Baby Carriage

Is it me or are there babies EVERYWHERE??! This year alone, I knew about 10 different friends who either had a baby or found out they were pregnant. I assume the 2013-2014 Winter season contributed to this baby boom…hmmmm…

Babies = Baby showers + Gifts and Cards

In honor of all the new little bundles arriving, I designed a new baby shower card for the mommy-to-be! Here it is:


It’s based off the K-I-S-S-I-N-G rhyme that we as former kids used to tease others with:

“So and So-and-So

Sitting in the tree


First came love, then came marriage

then comes ‘so-and-so’ with the baby carriage”

In order to make it general, I just used “you” on the card. If you want to customize the name, I can do it – just let me know via Etsy convo.



Get the card by clicking this link!

By the way, the little pampers in the photo are not included. However, a DIY post about making pamper gifts will be up soon. 🙂


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